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BAGedge 6 oz. Canvas Grocery Tote Bag

Want to stock up for the week without hurting the environment? Tired of paying too much for reusable grocery bags when you could spend the same hard-earned money on, you know, food? Our canvas grocery bags are a cut above the rest - and at a great price! Do you want these customized with your logo? Get a custom printed grocery tote bag quote.

A Canvas Grocery Bag Made to Change How You Shop

The BAGedge 6 oz. Canvas Grocery Tote Bag is everything you want from a canvas grocery bag, it's soft enough to be comfortable, sturdy enough to handle heavy-duty grocery shopping, and, of course, stylish.

Perfect for the grocery store, the farmer's market, or for any shopping trip. It's made of 100% cotton canvas with self-fabric handles to ensure you never have to worry about your shopping bags given out.

When you're at carrying capacity, bags can get heavy. This is usually when you worry about the bottom holding up to your heavy items. Plastic might give out, but this hardy cotton material won't. It's sturdy enough for even your biggest restock grocery shopping. Cans? Check. Bags of rice? No problem. Milk and juice? No worries.

Why settle for poorly-made reusable grocery bags? When you shop with us, you get a better value. You'll notice these grocery bags have a retail price and a sale price. The retail price is what you would pay for the same great bag with other retailers. The sale price is what you pay with us--a mere fraction of the retail price.

And trust us, these aren't cheap, disposable bags. They go the extra mile when you need it most. Just read our customer reviews--we think the recommendations speak for themselves.

Simple, Stylish Color Options

Who says plain reusable totes have to be boring? We certainly don't! In fact, we think a plain reusable grocery bag is the perfect place to express your everyday style (while getting your groceries handled, of course). That's why we carry a wide variety of colors to help you rock your market style.

Thinking of ordering a set? Can't decide which colors are your favorite? With these totes, buying a set in a rainbow of colors is affordable. And trust us, it's well worth the investment.

A Shopping Bag Made to Carry Everything You Need

These reusable shopping bags are big enough to fit everything you need, including heavy items. With dimensions of 15" width by 16" height, these bags can fit anything from a gallon of milk to a baguette to a bag of apples. Bags are available in one size--trust us, it gets the job done.

Tired of Paying Too Much for Reusable Grocery Bags?

Saving the environment shouldn't cost an arm and a leg. Our reusable grocery bags are here to say high quality doesn't mean a high price tag. Add your bags to your cart and get ready to change the way you shop.

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